Glazed Red Velvet



About THC vape pen

Glazed Disposable Red Velvet is one of the first flavors delivered by Glazed Weed. Red velvet cake and berry glaze are combined in a delectable, fruity way to water your mouth.

This strain packs a big punch with 83.17% THC and 0.27% CBD. Additionally, since it is non-psychoactive, you can take it without feeling high or getting the munchies.

Glazed cartridge for sale

If you’re looking for a relaxing, calming experience that’s perfect for after dinner or before bedtime, look no further than Glazed Red Velvet!

Where To Order Glazed cartridge Disposable THC

Many dispensaries advertise that they sell reliable glazed carts. Since most of them are fake, we advise you to only purchase from our official website for glazed disposables. You may check to see if the carts you buy from other independent merchants are legitimate on our website.


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